About Alpha Marine Inc.


Established in 1977, Alpha Marine Inc is a progressive, committed and quality conscious company.  Alpha Marine Inc. continues to supply the Northeast Coast needs of the Maritime Cargo, Cruise and Oil & Gas Industry. A fully stocked 15,000 sq. ft warehouse with two (2) drive-in cold storage units housing perishable provisions and vast rows of shelving organized to support any vessel’s Cabin, Deck, Engine needs, including much more.  

Over the years, we have become one of the leading shipping services in Northeast Coast. Our highly experienced teams able to provide cost effective level of quality controlled services, meeting our client need and expectations in every respect. We enhance our ability to provide high quality and standardized services by leveraging the benefits of the highly automated work environment. The company has insured highest level of quality in accordance with clients environmental & safety requirements. The company developed a fleet of equipment & transport means to accommodate the increasing demand of that services.

We carry a full line of Fire Prevention Equipment, Medical Supplies & Office Supplies. We also provide reading material like popular books, gourmet chocolates & cheeses as well as an assortment of 'GO GREEN' or Natural environmental / marine friendly non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products for both the vessel and your crew’s personal hygienic use.

We understand that service and price are always key to making Alpha Marine your choice on the Northeast Coast, USA.

Alpha Marine prides itself on its strong reputation for customer service and providing a one-stop shop for grocery and technical items. We carry an extensive range of dry and frozen goods and over 7000 line items in our climate controlled warehouse. We have a team of dedicated staff ready to fill orders as well as the ability to consolidate large orders for all customers at short notice, making us the preferred supplier in this region.

Alpha Marine has evolved to meet the demands of modern ship owners, offering competitive prices with the highest levels of quality. All supplies are accomplished with punctuality and efficiency.

We are prepared to render our services 24 hours a day, 365 days all the year round.

Alpha Marine aims to continuously provide our clients with economically competitive, hard working, disciplined and safety minded personnel to meet their needs and requirements.

We specialize in handling the cruise industry’s unique needs. Apart from supplying high quality fresh, frozen and dry provisions, we supply bonded, cabin, deck, engine stores and more. 

Delivering the reliable logistical support demanded by world-leading cruise lines, ferry operators and shipping companies, Alpha Marine has an unrivaled reputation for service excellence.

Our clients know that in order to succeed in the today's competitive environment, they should understand, use and cover quickly changing technologies and the markets. They should achieve and support competitive advantage and in order to achieve this, they require the strong and capable partner. 

Alpha Marine's history of quality product and the best of customer service continue as the world cruise industry increases its presence at Northeast Coast ports.
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